10 Underrated Countries You Should Visit This Spring


Spring means new beginnings, and what better way to start the new travel season than by going to a country off the beaten track? Exploring one of these incredible and lesser-known travel destinations this spring is sure to be a fulfilling and eye-opening adventure. Find out where to stay, the best months to travel, and where to see.

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10 Albania

Albania’s beaches rival those of nearby Greece, but most travelers don’t even consider it when planning a trip to Europe. Spring is a great time to visit Albania with warm, sunny weather and the beautiful beaches of Ksamil.

9 Laos

Laos is probably the most underrated country in Southeast Asia, with many preferring Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam to their northern neighbours. Visiting in early spring (March and April) is ideal as it is the tail end of the dry season. Take a riverboat from northern Thailand to Laos via the Mekong Delta, or simply fly to explore the charming town of Luang Prabang.

8 Oman

Oman is a Middle Eastern country in West Asia. It has gorgeous architecture, friendly locals, shoppable markets, and a burgeoning tourism industry in its capital, Muscat. Muscat has been voted one of the most beautiful cities in the world, so it’s definitely worth a visit in spring when temperatures are pleasant but not as hot as summer.

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7 Georgia

Due to its rich history and affordable prices, Tbilisi, Georgia is starting to gain attention from the tourism industry. With infrastructure building in hot pursuit, it’s clear that travelers should visit Georgia while it’s still a hidden gem. Spring is the best time to visit to escape the frigid winter temperatures and scorching summer heat.

6 ecuador

Ecuador, and specifically the city of Baños, is an underrated South American travel destination in the spring. By May, the city enters the dry season, which means clear skies and pleasant temperatures. The city is located in Tungurahua Province, which is considered the gateway to the Amazon Basin. May or June is an ideal time to explore the area without the heat, humidity or downpours.

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5 nicaragua

Early spring in Nicaragua is the dry season, so it’s a great opportunity for visitors to experience the beauty of the country’s southern beaches. A surfer’s paradise, San Juan Del Sur also offers many retreats and studios for yoga enthusiasts.

4 Tunisia

Forget the beaches of Greece and Italy – head to North Africa this spring and escape to the seaside town of Sidi Bou Said on the cheap. The whitewashed buildings look like they came straight out of Santorini, but tourism here isn’t as busy as it is on the Greek islands.

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3 Estonia

Estonia is a country in northeastern Europe with a medieval capital (Tallinn) that is slowly developing into a tourist hub. However, it’s far less popular than Western European cities like Amsterdam and Paris, so it’s more affordable and less crowded. Spring brings pleasant weather but avoids the influx of tourists who arrive in mid-summer.

2 Guatemala

Guatemala is a small country in Central America that has many attractions and natural beauties for tourists to explore. From the ancient ruins of Tikal in the north to the shores of Lake Atitlan in the south, visitors can easily spend two weeks exploring Guatemala and leave wanting more. Early spring is the best time to visit in dry, warm weather.

1 Namibia

Head to Southern Africa this spring, but skip the tourist hotspots of South Africa and Kenya for a safari in Namibia. Etosha National Park is one of the best places on the African continent to see wildlife. April is a good time of year to visit because of the warm temperatures, little rainfall, and lush greenery (except for the desert).


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