東南アジアで開催される訪日関連旅行博・イベント一覧【2023年7月版】 | 訪日ラボ

東南アジアで開催される訪日関連旅行博・イベント一覧【2023年7月版】 | 訪日ラボ

Since the end of the COVID-19 border measures, we are gradually returning to our pre-coronavirus life.

The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) announced that the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan will reach about 1.94 million in April 2023, and the annual recovery will exceed 20 million.

In order to meet the growing demand for overseas travel, the number of travel fairs held in Japan and around the world is increasing. This article summarizes travel fairs and events that will be held in Southeast Asia related to visiting Japan.

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events in thailand

Expo 2023 Bangkok Japan

■ Activity overview:

An exhibition for Japanese companies entering Thailand. Regardless of industry or business size, companies developing services in a wide range of fields, including anime and other content, food, travel and study abroad programs, will be exhibiting. There will also be business meetings with local Thai companies.

■ Date and time:September 1st (Gold) ~ 3rd (Sunday), 2023

■ Location:Royal Paragon Hall, Level 5, Siam Paragon

■ Exhibition registration time:July 31, 2023 (Month)

■ How to apply:Apply from the official website

■ Official website:

The 15th FIT Exhibition (Visit Japan FIT Exhibition)

■ Activity overview:

This is the largest event in Thailand dedicated to inbound tourism from Japan and aimed at ordinary consumers. Due to the location of the venue, there tends to be a large number of visitors from high-income groups.

There is also a booth exhibition hosted by JNTO. When it was held in January 2023, 83 organizations exhibited at 102 booths, and the number of visitors exceeded 50,000.

■ Date and time:October 6 (Gold) ~ 8 (Sun), 2023

■ Location:Siam Paragon 5th Floor

■ Official event information:

events in malaysia

MITM Travel Fair 2023

■ Activity overview:

A travel fair organized by MCTA (Malaysian Chinese Travel Association). The event is held in the capital Kuala Lumpur and is visited by about 100,000 ordinary consumers every year.

■ Date and time:July 28 (Friday) – 30 (Sun), 2023 10:00 – 21:00

■ Location:Mid Valley Exhibition Center

■ Official website:

Mata Expo 2023

■ Activity overview:

A travel exhibition for general consumers organized by MATTA, the largest tourism organization in Malaysia. When it was held in March 2023, there were about 180,000 visitors in three days, a record high.

■ Date and time:September 1st (Friday) ~ 3rd (Sunday), 2023 10:00~21:00

■ Location:Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Center (MITEC)

■ Exhibition registration time:Until July 31, 2023 (Monday)

■ How to apply:Apply from the official website

■ Official website:


JNTO: Call for Joint Exhibition/Information Exhibition of Malaysia Travel Fair “MATTA Fair September 2023” (Deadline: 6/23)

Events in Indonesia

Further East 2023

■ Activity overview:

B2B travel exhibition for industry professionals in Bali. An event dedicated to high-value travel in Asia. High-end customers, buyers and media from all over the world gathered.

■ Date and time:November 6 (Mon) – 9 (Wed) 2023

■ Location:Seminyak

■ Official website:


■ Activity overview:

A travel fair for general consumers organized by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) Jakarta office. Promote Japanese companies’ travel information to Japan, and sell local companies’ travel products to Japan.

When the event takes place in February 2023, around 40,000 people will visit over three days.

■ Date and time:August 25th (Friday) ~ 27th (Sunday), 2023

■ Location:Kota Casablanca

■ Exhibition registration time:Until 17:00 on Monday, June 26, 2023

■ Official event information:

Events in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City International Travel Expo (ITE) 2023

■ Activity overview:

Vietnam’s largest travel fair is held in Ho Chi Minh City. This is the BtoB and BtoC event and more than 25,000 visitors are expected over three days.

With the theme of “Moving Forward Together”, this conference will be held online and offline.

■ Date and time:September 7th (Wed) ~ September 9th (Saturday), 2023

■ Location:Saigon Exhibition Convention Center (SECC)

■ Official website:

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