世界の旅行状況は今どうなってるの?東南アジアと日本を旅して – Petite New York

世界の旅行状況は今どうなってるの?東南アジアと日本を旅して – Petite New York

It’s been a long time since I traveled abroad for the first time. How do you feel about the countries around the world now? Are there any restrictions? Are shops and attractions open? How many tourists are there now? Not knowing what to expect, I set out on the journey in a racing heart, but there was no need to worry. Many people around the world were enjoying free travel for the first time in a while, and I was able to experience more crowds and excitement than I ever imagined possible.


This time I left New York and traveled all over Southeast Asia. After that, I stayed in Japan and did various domestic trips. Japan is still confirming vaccination certificates (Visit Japan Web), but other than that, I chose a place when I visited that didn’t have corona entry restrictions. In Japan, checks will soon disappear from May 8.

The first country I visited in Southeast Asia was Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur 1

Around February, people in downtown Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, were still active although they were still wearing masks. The downtown area where locals and tourists gathered was very lively.

People 1

Kuala Lumpur is a popular destination for foreign tourists. There is also a group of people who seem to be Japanese students studying abroad. Low prices, good public security, and delicious food make it a recommended tourist destination where you can experience various cultures.
There are many strange and interesting attractions, such as Batu Caves.

Photogenic Hot Spot in Kuala Lumpur Batu Caves Batu Caves

After Malaysia, I went to Cambodia.
Cambodia has many famous world heritage sites. It’s Angkor Wat.
I landed in a small town in Cambodia called Siem Reap and stayed there for about four days.
Angkor Wat is really big, and there are many things to see, so it’s good to go shopping every day.

Angkor Wat 3

In Cambodia, I saw a tourist group with a lot of people, and there were also a lot of overseas tourists, but it seems that it has not recovered to the level of 2019.
When it comes to hotel bookings, there are so many good accommodation options to choose from, so planning your trip to Cambodia is easy.

Angkor Wat 1

However, as a world cultural heritage, Angkor Wat is a place that people all over the world yearn for. The fact that it’s a very popular place hasn’t changed. I think the time to visit this time is not so crowded.

Angkor Wat 2

Compared with before the epidemic, I think there are still very few tourists, but there are crowds of people in the downtown bar street and other areas.

Angkor Wat 4

What do you think is the hottest place in Southeast Asia for people all over the world right now?
I’m pretty sure it’s Thailand. The moment I landed at the airport in Thailand, I was overwhelmed by the numbers and enthusiasm.
The early repeal of the special post-corona immigration rules may be a good thing, but it does feel like travelers from all over the world are flocking to Thailand.
Things are relatively cheap in Thailand, and there are plenty of places to find cheap hotels. It was really crowded with foreign tourists.
There seem to be a lot of Japanese in Thailand and there seem to be a lot of Japanese stationed or living in Thailand.

The night market in Bangkok is also very lively.

People 9

Although Thailand is a big city, Bangkok is the busiest among the big cities.
When I stretched my legs and came to Ayutthaya, a ruined town in Thailand, time passed slowly. It seems that it will take a little time before the local tourist attractions will be overcrowded.


Also visited a seaside resort in Thailand that is rich in nature but still buzzing.
I went to a beach resort in Thailand called Krabi.
Krabi is a beautiful place with a beautiful sea. This place is less famous compared to Phuket, so I imagined it to be a quiet beach, but it was more crowded than I expected. Still, it’s likely to remain below pre-pandemic levels.

Krabi 1

We also took a boat to a scenic beach that is inaccessible from land.

Krabi 2

There is also a line in the forest of Thailand’s nature-filled resort area. During my stay, I feel that Thailand is really popular with foreign tourists. I’ve taken many flights in Thailand, but I’m really amazed by how lively the airport is, it’s always packed with people from morning till night.

Krabi 3

The market in Chiang Mai, Thailand’s second largest city, is also very lively.

People 13

After experiencing such a busy airport in Thailand, when I arrived in Japan, on the one hand, because I arrived early in the morning, there was no one at Haneda Airport, so I felt very uneasy. Maybe it’s because not many people go abroad from Japan.
The last time I visited Japan was in 2020, when the coronavirus just started. Is the peaceful situation still continuing? After thinking about it, in fact, domestic tourist attractions are completely crowded with people.

This is what it looked like when I visited Kyoto in early April. marvelous. Many people go to Kiyomizu Temple. When I travel around Japan, I find that quite a lot of foreign tourists have come to Japan.
Especially in Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto, I thought most of them were foreigners. Nara also has a fairly high proportion of foreigners. I miss the empty and quiet Kyoto when I visited in 2020.


In Japan, it’s spring break, so it’s hard for me to book a hotel. There are many family trips and student trips, and it seems that many Japanese people travel within Japan.

Perhaps due to the impact of tourism support, the number of domestic business trips is increasing, and the number of business trips and overseas travel, which were considered rare in the past, is rapidly increasing. I’m sure the price has gone up and up.
If you plan to travel to Japan, you will accidentally find that even the business hotels in front of the station are fully booked, because you think that the business hotels near the tourist destination will be fine. So it is advisable to plan to book in advance, especially in high season. Japanese businessmen also lament that it is difficult to find economical hotels for business trips recently. Therefore, the tourist spots in Japan are more lively than I imagined. Tokyo, Kyoto, Hakata and other major stations are extremely crowded.

People 4

This is what the boarding gate at Haneda Airport looks like when returning home from Japan.
Compared to when I came, Haneda Airport was pretty crowded in April, partly because it was night. There are many foreigners at the boarding gate.

Airport 2 1

What is the current situation of world tourism? In other words, whether it is Southeast Asian countries or Japan, although there are some differences in degree, it seems that the number of tourists is returning in large numbers, and the energy is returning. Generally speaking, in Asian countries, locals wear masks and many tourists don’t. In any case, people in every country are vaccinated or infected, and no one seems to be so afraid of corona these days.
In every country, the number of domestic tourists seems to be increasing post-pandemic, but Japan and Thailand in particular seem to have large numbers of domestic tourists.
The number of foreign tourists who come to Thailand is huge, but I think more foreign tourists will come to Japan from now on.
When flying out of New York, the New Yorker sitting next to me on the plane said he was going to Thailand and Japan.
He told me that he planned to go to Phuket and Bangkok in Thailand, and then to Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Hiroshima and Hakata in Japan. Travel plans to Southeast Asia and Japan are popular with Americans.
What is the current state of tourism in the United States? That being said, the US experienced a travel boom earlier than anywhere else, so I don’t think the effects of the corona virus will be felt at all.

New York is a very popular tourist destination for both domestic and international tourists.
Starting from spring, the climate is pleasant and fun activities will increase, so it is the recommended tourist season.

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