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I’m thinking about going to New York, but the questions “how much does it cost to travel to New York?” keep coming up. How much should I estimate for my trip to New York? When is the cheapest time to travel to New York?
Even if you travel to the United States, New York gives people an impression of high prices, so people who travel to the United States or New York for the first time will worry about travel expenses.
Let me introduce a typical travel expenses case for the first trip to New York (5 days). How much should I estimate to budget and cost for a trip to New York?

New York City Sightseeing Pass

There are many places with expensive tourist tickets to New York. It is recommended to prepare a discounted sightseeing pass.

👑 1 Visit to popular sightseeing spots city ​​pass
👑 2 full-day sightseeing passes, allowing you to visit as many attractions as you want New York Pass(Limited Time Sale!)

New York Cost 2

Let’s go on a trip! Once you’ve decided, your first consideration is your air ticket.

When it comes to finding flights to New York from within the US, there are plenty of flights, and it has the distinction of being cheaper than any other city.

You can get very cheap flights from Japan to New York if you choose the right time.

Flight prices vary widely depending on the time of year.
To compare Japan to New York airfare prices and to see market prices try entering your origin and destination and search for flights on the sites where the cheapest flights will be found. recommend.

For flights within the US, you can compare domestic flights here.
This is very good. You can compare the air ticket prices and timetables of all airlines at one time, which is very helpful.
You might be surprised at how different airlines charge different prices for the same flight.

How much does it cost to fly from Japan to New York?

Non-stop flights to New York

It takes 13 hours to fly from Japan to New York.
Direct flights are recommended if possible.

The market price of economy class air tickets from Japan to New York is probably like this.

Japan AirlinesFrom 120,000 yen
American Airlines From 100,000 yen

This is only an approximate amount. Flight prices vary widely depending on the time of year.
Airlines adjust prices based on factors such as vacancy rates, so prices fluctuate widely from day to day. So, it could be cheaper than the market price above, or it could be a lot higher.
The price of non-stop air tickets from Japan to New York fluctuated sharply, rising from 70,000 yen to nearly 200,000 yen.

Comparisons are important if you want to find generally cheap airfare. If you accumulate miles, there may be deals on the airline’s website, so sometimes it’s better to book direct.

Whether it is a direct flight, a stopover, or two stops, the price of the air ticket will vary greatly. Direct flights are expensive.

via new york

If there is a connecting flight that arrives after passing through 1-2 places between Japan and New York, the price will be much cheaper.

indirectFrom 60,000 yen.

There are various transit points, eg via Los Angeles.

Flights via Incheon, South Korea are also surprisingly popular. Let’s eat Korean food on the way! Recommended for those who can afford to enjoy something like this.

China Airlines connecting flights are very cheap in any season.

When is the cheapest time to travel to New York? I think some people are wondering, but the high and low seasons for traveling to New York are as follows.

When is high/low season?
1-2 months Generally speakinglow seasonJanuary-February is the cheapest time of year.
Now is a great time to get discounts on hotels and tickets.
March-April In March, the number of student outings increased. April and Easter holidays.
This part is high season, but relatively mild and cheap.
May-August In Japan there is Golden Week, and in the US summer starts on Memorial Day.
summer vacationhigh season This will be high season.
September-October Starting from September, the arrival of autumn can be called the best season in New York
The popularity is still very high, but after the summer vacation, the discount will increase, so it is the recommended time to aim.
November-December From Thanksgiving at the end of November to Christmas and the end of the year
super seasonbecome.

Prices are high in peak season, but the weather is good, there are many activities and fun. Although the off-season is the cold season, it is also the season when tourism is relatively cheap, there are fewer tourists, and sightseeing is easier, so it is recommended. New York is a city with many attractions throughout the year, so you can enjoy visiting in any season!

33 recommended hot spots for sightseeing and food in New York, detailed introduction of the latest highlights of 2022 NY!

Crosby Street

Top New York Hotel Districts

Midtown, the center of Manhattan, is the most convenient and recommended sightseeing and business place in New York. The law and order is also the safest. For friends who come to New York for the first time, I will recommend it without hesitation. With multiple hotels popping up in the popular hotel district around Times Square in recent years, price competition is on the way. Hotels that used to be more than twice as expensive as before are now halved, so you can go and have a look. Weekdays are especially cheap, and people who used to save money on youth hostels can now stay in trendy hotels.

How much does a hotel cost in New York?

budget hotelFrom JPY 12,000 per night (JPY 6,000 per person for two occupancy)

middle class hotelFrom 30,000 yen per night (from 15,000 yen per person)

luxury class hotelFrom 60,000 yen per night (from 30,000 yen per person)

I want to stay in a popular and stylish hotel in New York! Those who say please refer to this.
→ Latest!25 Recommended Trendy Hotels in New York Featured in the 2022 Edition

If you’re traveling alone and want to save money, this is the place for you.
→ 9 recommended youth hostels in New York with stylish accommodation around $50!Popular with students and solo travelers

If there are more than two people staying, I think choosing a budget hotel with a convenient location can save money.
Conveniently located near Times Square, there are clean, modern hotels starting at $100.
→ 12 recommended New York budget hotels

New York Hotel Deals

Hotel prices in New York skyrocketed at the last minute. Do not hesitate to recommend booking in advance.

🔸 Book now on and enjoy great holiday deals!
・Sales period: until September 30.
・ Travel stays until the end of September 2022 are eligible
・ Enjoy 15% off at all eligible hotels worldwide.
Holiday Sale 15% OFF Page →here!
Take advantage of promotions and book hotels wisely!

A double room at a four-star hotel in New York starts at $99. The location is the only perfect hotel in a convenient location in Midtown.

new york hotel

For example, Hilton New York, a middle-class hotel in Midtown New York. The location is great and the rooms are spacious, very popular with families. It is possible to stay in this hotel when my relatives come over, but they said that booking a hotel alone will be much cheaper than booking a group.

By the way, as for luxury hotels, this is the price for a double room for a double room at the Plaza Hotel, a famous hotel in New York that appeared in the movie. The price of the hotel depends on the time of year and the time of booking, but no matter how famous and popular the hotel is, it is not always a fixed price, sometimes it is a promotional price, so it is good to use it. Even if you keep your budget in check, you can achieve a high-quality and satisfying trip.

new york square

If you are visiting New York for an extended period, you may find it impossible to stay in a luxury hotel, but there are many attractive hotels in New York, so I will try to stay in a few hotels during my stay. is also admired.
Some people like to arrange short-term hotel accommodation, such as staying in economy class for the first two nights, and staying in a luxury hotel for the next one or two nights. Just go back to the hotel and sleep. But if there is such a day, on the other hand, the last night in New York, I think it will be fun to arrange a memorable stay by myself and create a travel itinerary.

New York hotel prices are per room

Since some people are not used to traveling abroad and don’t know, I write it just in case, but the hotel prices in the United States are set by room.

Hotels in Japan charge per person, so if two people share a room, it’s often the displayed price x the price for two people, or the price for one person plus an extra fee, but it’s not the same in the US. .

The price listed is for one room, so you will pay the same price whether you are staying alone or two. In other words, when two people are traveling together, if the hotel costs 10,000 yen per night, it will be 5,000 yen per person.
It’s not that high after all, right? I think.

New York hotel taxes are high!

When booking a hotel in New York, the tax added to the room rate is quite high.

Hotel rate + 14.75% tax + room occupancy tax $3.5.

*Depending on the hotel, there may be an additional charge in the name of a resort fee or property fee. In this case, for example, now shows the price without (separate) local fees at the bottom of the price display. Doesn’t state anything if there is no additional cost.

new york cost


1 time $2.75
New York’s subways and buses, regardless of the distance, are uniform fares.
Also, one transfer between the subway and the bus is free.
If you stay for about 5 days and take public transportation, I think the transportation fee is about 30 US dollars.
There’s also a 7-day unlimited MetroCard ($33), which saves even more if you stay longer.

airport transfer

Airport bus $20 x round trip
There are other ways to get to the airport, including subways, buses, taxis, Uber, and Lyft.
For details, see NY Airport JFK / LGA / EWR How to get to Manhattan’s latest recommended access method! This is.

New York City Observatory (5)

Entrance fees to tourist attractions in New York are often expensive.
About $25 for museums and museums, $40 or more for observatories.

Discounted sightseeing passes are a must if you’re planning to visit top New York City attractions.
Sightseeing passes, which can be easily purchased online, cut the price of admission by nearly half, and often come with priority admission that lets you skip the lines, so you can save money and time and make your travels more efficient. Below are some of the most popular and recommended passes.
・Popular city pass covering classic sightseeing spots
・ Frequent tourists can use the New York Pass unlimited times

Aladdin 12

The price of Broadway musical tickets can vary widely depending on how you buy them.
Taking the market price as an example, the popular Aladdin ticket is about US$150 for the first floor, and about US$70 for the second and third floors.

When shopping for Broadway Musical tickets, we recommend buying tickets at a discounted price, which is often used by New York locals.

There are many great tips for enjoying New York sightseeing, so check them out.

shaker (1)


How much is a cup of coffee? So it looks like this.
Donuts $6
Bagels $6
Pancakes $20

If you want to save even more money, do what the locals do at the supermarket. There are many items on display, and I think you will like them very much. For example, there is such a supermarket in New York, and it is a recommended store that is very popular with locals.


Shake Shack (burger + fries + drink) $10
Halal Guys (rice + drink) $10
Sandwich shop $10
Food Court $10
Restaurant $20-50


$15 if you dine in the food court
Restaurant $40-80
Petrug Steakhouse $100
If you go to a restaurant, you will be charged 18-20% of the meal + tax + tip.

This is an estimate of travel costs for one person. The exchange rate is calculated at 110 yen to 1 U.S. dollar, and the figures are approximate for easy understanding.

Airfare (by flight) 60,000 yen
Hotel: 6,000 yen x 3 nights = 18,000 yen
Dining Breakfast ¥600 Lunch ¥1000 Dinner ¥1500 Total ¥15000
Transportation costs 64 USD (7000 JPY)
Sightseeing fee 122 USD (13,000 JPY)
Music 2nd floor $70 (7700 yen)

Air ticket + hotel = 77,000 yen
Local meal expenses and sightseeing expenses = about 40,000 yen
A total of about 120,000 yen
A little extravagant NY hedonism
Airfare (direct flight from Japan) 120,000 yen
Hotel: JPY 15,000 x 2 nights = JPY 30,000
30,000 yen x 1 night (60,000 yen deluxe hotel accommodation, 50% of room rate for 2 people)
Meal Breakfast 1,000 JPY Lunch 2,000 JPY Dinner 5,000 JPY (average price, depending on the day you go to the food court and steakhouse) Total: 40,000 JPY

Transportation costs 64 USD (7000 JPY)
Sightseeing fee 122 USD (13,000 JPY)
Concert hall ground floor $120 (13,200 yen)

Air ticket + hotel = 180,000 yen
Local meal expenses and sightseeing expenses = about 70,000 yen
A total of about 250,000 yen

ESTA is required for first-time visitors to the United States or visitors who have not visited the United States in two years.
Apply online at least 72 hours before departure.
Registration website:

ESTA application fee: $21

For those who feel the need to rent Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi fees are also covered.
*Wi-Fi situation in New York

Is it a souvenir fee?
This is a wide variety, but please refer to the New York Souvenirs article.

New York Travel Recommended Articles

In the past, many travelers have been affected by the collapse of a travel agency that sold cheap package tours. The customer paid the travel agency so early, why didn’t the airline or the local hotel pay? I think a lot of people were surprised.

Now that the Internet is developed, it is easier to find discounted prices on hotels and air tickets, so we live in an era where you can book travel directly by yourself. To my surprise, there were so many victims in the bankruptcy news the other day.

The great thing about buying a package tour from a reliable travel agency is that you leave everything in our hands. I think there are a lot of very satisfying trips where you can have a good time by participating in a trip where the air ticket, hotel, tour itinerary is fixed, and you have a companion.

However, even with a group tour, there are considerations whether to really recommend a simple package that only includes airfare and hotel, no matter how cheap it may seem. As mentioned above, hotel prices are calculated by room. However, if two people live, usually one person should pay half the price, but is it worthwhile even if it is calculated at half the price? Hotel rates in the United States are particularly competitive, and prices are transparent for easy comparison.

The disadvantage of buying a group with a travel agency is that everything is entrusted to it, so there are risks. If there is any mistake there, everything will be equal.
Plus, the hotel is really nice. .Even if you think so, you may pass up the tour because there is no such option. Traveling with a group inevitably has a low degree of freedom of choice.

On the other hand, the great thing about individual bookings is that, in addition to a high degree of freedom in travel planning, you also have full control over your budget.
If you book air tickets, hotels and local tours separately according to your needs, if you plan to pay for hotels locally as much as possible, you will not have to pay in one lump sum, which can spread your risks. The most important thing is that the advantage is that you can plan your own travel. With proper preparation, a trip to New York can be a smart way to save money. Please make it a wonderful and memorable trip.


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