デジタルハリウッド大学(DHU)、マレーシア元留日学生協会(JAGAM)と「DHU JAGAM SCHOLARSHIPS」を締結|デジタルハリウッド株式会社のプレスリリース


The signing ceremony will be held on September 5, 2022

■Overview of the signing ceremony

・Date and time: September 5, 2022 (month)
・Venue: Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd. Headquarters (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

Chairman Gary Tang and Dr. Goh Chee Seong from JAGAM attended the meeting and confirmed that they will continue to cooperate in recruiting international students in Malaysia and provide necessary support to Malaysian international students currently studying in JAGAM.


“DHU JAGAM SCHOLARSHIPS” is a scholarship system for outstanding young Malaysian students who have been recommended by JAGAM and wish to study digital content at Digital Hollywood University to waive part or all of their tuition fees during their studies at Digital Hollywood University. With the conclusion of this agreement, Malaysian high school students are expected to use scholarships to study in Japan, and the friendly relationship between Japan and Malaysia will be deeper than ever. .

・Number of recruits: up to 2 people (scheduled to enroll in April 2023 for the first year)
・Application qualifications: Malaysian citizens recommended by JAGAM and meeting the eligibility requirements for applying for Digital Hollywood University

■ What is the Japanese Alumni Association in Malaysia[JAGAM]?

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JAGAM was formally established in 1973 with only 22 members at that time, but now has more than 1,000 members across Malaysia. The composition of the JAGAM membership organization is broadly divided into ordinary members and associate members. General members are those who have graduated from a Japanese university or technical school. Associate members, on the other hand, are those who have studied abroad in Japan for at least two years for a short period of time. Membership of JAGAM is limited to Malaysians, and it is committed to enhancing the friendly relationship between Malaysia and Japan and deepening mutual understanding.

■ What is Digital Hollywood University[DHU]?

In April 2005, it opened in Akihabara, Tokyo as a joint-stock university recognized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (now located in Ochanomizu, Tokyo). The Faculty of Digital Communication (a four-year university) and the Graduate School of Digital Content (a professional graduate school) are established.

In the School of Digital Communications, students gain the ability to navigate an uncertain and unpredictable future on their own terms. Cutting-edge digital content (3DCG/VFX, VR/AR, gaming, video, graphics, web design, media arts, programming, etc.) and planning/communication (business planning, marketing, PR, etc.) industries. We have adopted a one-faculty, one-department system where students can learn a wide range from their teachers. In addition, in order to develop global talents, we have a foreign language-focused study program and promote study abroad. With students from 42 countries and regions around the world, it operates a diverse campus in front of Ochanomizu Station.

In the Graduate School of Digital Contents, we aim to develop leaders who will bring about social change by making full use of digital communication in a super-advanced information society. [SEAD(Science/Engineering/Art/Design)]Acquire and integrate these four elements in a balanced manner, and cultivate talents who combine theory and practice. Due to the implementation of postgraduate ideas and start-up support such as new business plans and prototyping, we ranked 12th among national universities and 4th among private universities in the “2021 University Risk Study” (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry). It has cultivated many entrepreneur.


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