【Report on the Achievements of “Operation Bottle Caps” Campaign】Gathering “PET bottle caps” posts on Instagram to support the vaccination of 8,671 children in developing countries! | Authorized NPO Corporation Japan Committee (JCV) press release to provide vaccines for the children of the world

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What: During this time, if you post photos and videos of PET bottle caps on Instagram with the hashtag #capaction, each post will donate one dose of polio vaccine to a child in a developing country. Considering environmental protection, we will create opportunities to participate in PBC collection and SDGs, and will also drive vaccine support to developing countries.

●Purpose of the event: 1) Promote PET bottle cap recycling activities, recycling, SDGs

2) Childhood Vaccine Support Activities and Promotion of Polio Eradication

Period: June 26 (Mon) to July 17 (Mon/holiday), 2023

Sponsor companies: Baodome Co., Ltd., Fujii Chemical Co., Ltd., Super Mate Co., Ltd., Urban Environmental Beautification Center Co., Ltd., Nakano Co., Ltd., Tobe Shoji Co., Ltd., P-Ark Holdings Co., Ltd., Shibahashi Co., Ltd. , Tobu Top Tours Rasa Corporation, Okasan Securities Group Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Mitsui Aei Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Nisso Co., Ltd.

During the event, there are various photos and videos, such as collecting the hats we usually make, buying PET bottle drinks, creating hat art, pets playing with hats, etc.

“May as many little lives as possible be protected.”

“When I was a kid, I remember a kid dying of measles in my neighborhood.

Many participants also sent warm thoughts. And, in addition,

“I saw a friend’s post and joined! I thought I could help someone by posting and recycling.”

“In addition, if there are similar activities, please let me cooperate.”

“Up until now, we’d thrown them out in the trash, but this campaign prompted us to start collecting PET bottle caps.”

As you can see from messages such as this, the campaign, which is easily accessible to anyone, encourages people who are interested in supporting the campaign but don’t have the opportunity to participate, and to collect and recycle PET bottle caps. It’s also an opportunity to expand vaccine support.

Collecting PET bottle caps is gaining attention as an activity that not only supports vaccines, but also helps reduce waste and CO2 and tackle the problem of microplastics. We will continue to make this event a place where more people can enjoy and participate easily, so that more children can support and contribute to environmental protection.

Various photos posted at the eventVarious photos posted at the event

(1) In November, we coordinated with the ministries of health of various countries to determine the types and quantities of vaccines to be provided.

② In December, cooperated with UNICEF to place an order with global vaccine factories.

③ From January to December of the following year, the vaccines produced will arrive in supporting countries. A supply of about three months is stored in central cold storage, and the necessary quantities are shipped to the responsible clinics in the various districts. Replenishment is done at any time.

④ From January to December of the following year, children are transferred by medical staff to various vaccination sites in developing countries, where they are vaccinated.

Vaccines and vaccinations donated to supporting countriesVaccines and vaccinations donated to supporting countries

Authorize the NPO Japan Committee to provide vaccines to the world’s children

Ozu Shunsuke

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We would like to thank the many individuals, companies and organizations who contributed and the cooperation of the 13 companies that sponsored us.

We received a total of 8,671 posts that we were able to connect to support. I really appreciate you. We will turn your posts into vaccines for children in developing countries.

The event will take place next year and beyond. Looking forward to the next event, we will definitely do everything we can to raise awareness of the SDGs and extend our support even further through engagement.

institution name

Authorize the NPO Japan Committee to provide vaccines to the world’s children


President and Muko


Kayoko Hosokawa

The location of the company

8F, Mita Hillside Building, 4-1-9 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo


set up

January 29, 1994

special supporter

Keiko Takeshita (Vaccine Ambassador/Actor), Takeshi Wada (Professional Baseball Player), Yu Hayami (Singer/Actor), Kiyomi Mikuni (Owner and Chef at Mikuni Hotel), Naoko Shinfuji (Senior Advisor for WHO Health Emergency Management Project), Ryuji Kagami (Translator/Psychological Astrology Researcher), Yuko Ando (Reporter), Cap Revolution Bottleman (Takara Tomy Co., Ltd.)

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It is said that due to the absence of vaccines, 4,000 children die of infectious diseases every day around the world. About one third of deaths among children under 5 years of age are preventable by vaccines.
JCV is a private international support organization that provides vaccines to developing countries to save the lives of these children and protect their futures. Donations received by supporters are converted into vaccines and related equipment, which are delivered to children in supporting countries every year in cooperation with local UNICEF offices and local governments. In 2022, we provided support worth 116,066,601 yen to four countries: Myanmar, Laos, Bhutan, and Vanuatu.

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