【Laos】I want to deliver a satisfactory new school building for the children of Thong Phe Primary School (student group I-RIS published on 2022/08/16)-crowdfunding READYFOR

【Thanks for achieving the first goal and setting the next one】

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with the student organization I-RIS activities.

Thank you for your enthusiastic support and cooperation.442Thanks to our supporters, we were able to achieve our first goal of 1,030,000 yen.

Thank you very much, members.

We will responsibly use the funds received to rehabilitate the Dongping Primary School building.

And starting today, we will challenge the next goal of 1.2 million yen as our second goal.

Regarding the difference in the initial target amount of 170,000 yen,

Further improve the ancillary facilities of Tangpi Primary School, which is supported by this project.

I will use it for funding.

* Even if the next target amount is not reached,

We plan to use our own funds to implement,

We hope you will give us great support.

We look forward to your continued warm support and cooperation.

(About student body I-RIS)

We, the student body I-RIS, gather students from Kansai University,

We provide educational support to children living in Laos, which is said to be the poorest country in Southeast Asia.

“Enabling children in Laos to study hard”

Street fundraising, events, crowdfunding, etc. for this great wish.

We are seeking donations through various events.

With everyone’s support

Construction of elementary schools, installation and maintenance of auxiliary facilities, etc.

Our aim is to create an environment where children in Laos can learn in a better environment.

Through these activities, we

“Personal Growth”

we have another goal

We not only attach importance to supporting Lao children, but also to their own growth.

(activities so far)

Construction of Tabak Elementary School in 2015

Construction of Nong Bua Primary School in 2016

2018 Santis Elementary School Construction

2020 Development of the campus of Pho Muang Noi Primary School

Implemented crowdfunding (raising 2 million yen)

Restoration of 5 buildings at Tompe Elementary School in 2021

Implement crowdfunding (up to 1 million yen)

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【Tangpei Elementary School Situation】

At present, the school building of Tongpei Primary School is aging, and the defects of the walls and internal facilities of the school building are more prominent.

In addition, there are various issues that require financial support.

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The school buildings are all wooden structures, and the oldest school building was built in 1988.

a hole in the roof

Because there is a gap between the roof and the wall, the sound of the classroom next door can be heard directly.

As a result, the child cannot concentrate in class.

There is also the problem of flooding due to rain due to lack of lighting, low floors.

The following three pictures show the current situation of Tangpi Primary School.

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It can be seen from the photos that the indoor light is dim, and the children are studying in the teaching building that cannot withstand the heavy rain and wind.

Local children suffer the most, because there is no electricity and the lights cannot be turned on.

Depending on the weather, the letters on the blackboard can be difficult to read, and the summer heat can get very hot with the air conditioner not working.

Should we ignore children learning in such an environment?

【Why the project started】

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With electricity and lighting,

Has a roof and fans so you can study regardless of temperature or weather.

A good educational environment is essential for learning.

We want children to be able to learn in a safer environment without any inconvenience.

Renovation of the school building of Tangpei Primary School

This time I decided to start crowdfunding.

*The recipient of this project support is Tompe Elementary School.

The project was carried out with the permission of Thong Phae Primary School and the Lao Ministry of Education.


・Ceiling repair

(lumber, tiles, scaffolding, labor costs, etc.)

・Mural paintings of 3 school buildings

(Paint, exterior wall corrosion inhibitor, scaffolding, labor costs, etc.)


(Each building material, material freight, etc.)

・ Preparation fee 123,600 yen

Total 1,030,000 JPY

*All donations you receive will go to Tompe Elementary School.

【Feelings from members】

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When I was a junior high school student, I read a book and became interested in the field of international volunteering, so I joined this organization. This book focuses on an area called “street children” that has not received much attention worldwide, and the author writes this at the end of the book. “We developed countries continue to exploit cheap products and labor from poor countries known as developing countries. I was impressed by the words ‘yes’ and became interested in the field of international volunteering. Why are you volunteering in a wide range of international Participate in volunteering in the form of education and support for Laotian children in the field of service? The population pyramid of Laos, a pro-Japanese country, has a beautiful shape, with fewer old people and more newborns, which is common in emerging countries. Therefore, we are a small group of students, we Weak, but by doing our best for the Lao children who are responsible for the future of the country, as educational support, the future of Laos will be a bright future. Be brighter. I believe it will make our country a better place. In this way, Members of this organization, myself included, are struggling to find something to do each day while our activities are restricted by the wreckage of corona. We would like to thank those who agreed with our activities, gave us strength and supported us.

(Motoki Taniguchi, a third-year student)

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I have been with I-RIS for two years. Over the past two years, I have experienced a lot through various activities, and I think I have learned more about Laos than when I first joined. Most importantly, I can assert that “Laos still needs aid”. It’s not a light word or a set phrase. Due to the impact of new infectious diseases, our generation has not been able to go to Laos. I never really feel it on the skin, I just see the current situation through the screen. However, generations of I-RIS, even though they have not been to Laos, still think strongly about Laos and use it as a motivation for their activities. We used to run after our cool seniors, but now we’re leading with our juniors. I believe we have a duty to think seriously about Laos and pass that feeling on to the next generation. The grim situation of Tangpei Primary School supported by this crowdfunding cannot be fully conveyed in the photos. Supporting the primary school can only make a small difference to the current situation in Laos. However, I believe this small change will make a difference to the children of Laos and make a big difference. As students, we will do our part for the children of Laos. Please cooperate with us. Please, thank you for your support.

(Third grader Nakahashi Yuma)

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I’ve never been to Laos and don’t know anyone there. However, since last April, I have been a university student and continue to support Laotian children as a member of I-RIS. The reason why I continue to support children in Laos, which is 4,000 kilometers across the sea from Japan, is because I read Haruki Murakami’s “What’s there in Laos?” “In the book, I learned about Laos for the first time. Through this book, I learned a lot about the charm of Laos, such as the coexistence of Lao people and Buddhism, the streets of Luang Prabang, a world heritage site near the Nam Khan River, and the different nature and climate from Laos. Japan. I wanted to know more about Laos, so when I searched for Laos online, words like high poverty rate, inadequate health care and education, environmental damage, lower middle income country, etc. appeared above the search results. The Laos I imagined is different from the reality, and I want to volunteer in such a beautiful country. Currently, my friends at I-RIS and I engage with Lao children through online statistics, and we support an educational environment for Lao children through street fundraising, flea markets, and proceeds from events we host. However, we can only help one small village in Laos, and there are many more villages that need help. It made me realize that the educational status I took for granted was not something I took for granted, but that I was able to do it because I was lucky. In order to satisfy the children’s desire to study in Laos, please cooperate. Just as I learned about Laos and volunteered through books and the Internet, I hope that people will learn about our activities through this medium called crowdfunding, and I hope to gather many people who are willing to cooperate with I-RIS.

(Sophomore Miku Ito)

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