≪The Okura Tokyo≫ Salon de Okura Tokyo × Okura Shukokan special exhibition “Indian Textiles in Love” “Lunchtime Special Talk Event” and “Afternoon Tea Special Lecture” held: Kii Minpo AGARA | Wakayama Prefecture News Site

≪The Okura Tokyo≫ Salon de Okura Tokyo × Okura Shukokan special exhibition “Indian Textiles in Love” “Lunchtime Special Talk Event” and “Afternoon Tea Special Lecture” held: Kii Minpo AGARA | Wakayama Prefecture News Site

Reservations will be accepted on the website from 10:00 on June 12 (Monday)

The Okura Tokyo (Minato-ku, Tokyo, General Manager Kenji Takayanagi) is presenting a special exhibition at the Okura Art Museum in the Kokyo Hatanaka Collection titled “Indian Textiles in Love and Longing – Spreading the World. Together with Tafutachi we will Events are held. You can enjoy the lunch course “Lunch Time Special Talk Event” and “Afternoon Tea Special” tea consultant Mr. Masumi Hayashibara while listening to the conversation of Mr. Kokyo Hatanaka, the owner of the collection, and Mr. Takayuki, the maker of kimono Itokawa. We will hold lecture.

■Lunch time special talk event~Indian Textiles and Textiles~
Mr. Hatanaka, who owns the exhibition collection and has studied Indian art for half a century, will speak on the fascination of ancient Indian textiles influencing the world through trade. Mr. Itokawa of Takahisa Co., Ltd., a kimono manufacturer familiar with traditional Indian dyeing and weaving, expresses wild silk and sarasa in traditional Japanese clothing to create eye-catching kimonos. Under the theme of “wearable sarasa”, you can enjoy a very attractive special lunch set menu infused with the essence of India. You can wear your own sarasa kimono or ethical fashion at this event.

Date: October 3 (Tuesday) 11:00-13:00
Lecture: Mr. Kokyo Hatanaka “The Charm of Ancient Indian Textiles” / Mr. Chihiro Itokawa “Wearing Sarasa”
Venue: The Okura Prestige Tower 2F Banquet Hall Orchard
Capacity: 100 people *After the event, Mr. Hatanaka will invite the first 40 people to visit the gallery.
Price: ,000/person (Okuraji Ancient Museum tickets, set lunch, drinks, consumption tax, service charge)
Reservation: June 12 (Monday) from 10:00 on the official website
*Customers who purchase tickets can stay at a special price.

(Figure 1)
Ballroom Orchard

Mr. Kokyo Hatanaka (Japanese painter/Indian art researcher)

(Figure 2)

Former professor of Kyoto University of Art and Design. For half a century, he has been collecting Indian art, miniature paintings and antique textiles. Received the 21st Shell Art Award, the 1st Tokyo Central Museum Nihongae Award, and the Kyoto Prefecture Cultural Merit Award. The painting of Buddhist pillars in the central hall of Kofuku-ji Temple completed in 2018. Author of “Indian Textile Art” (Kyoto Academy), “Indian Court Painting” (Kyoto Academy), “Buddha Statue” (Chunshu Society).

Chihiro Itokawa (Executive Director of Takahisa Co., Ltd.)

(Figure 3)

Born in Osaka in 1969. After graduating from the Department of Aesthetics and Art History at Kyoto University, he studied under Yasuo Kitayama, the number one horticulturist in Japan, and worked on the garden management of the Kyoto Imperial Palace, Riku, and Zen temples. In 1999, he married Hidehiro Itokawa, the current president, and began to dabble in high-level handicrafts under the guidance of his father-in-law Yoshihiko Itokawa.

Afternoon tea special package~Indian black tea champagne “Darjeeling” elegant travel~
Tea consultant Masumi Hayashibara will be invited as a lecturer, and you can enjoy various Darjeeling and chai that go well with Indian tea dishes and desserts that make the most of autumn flavors. We’ll also answer questions like how to choose tea at home.
Date: September 1-5 (Tuesday) 13:00-15:00 / September 2-8 (Friday) 13:00-15:00
Lecturer: Masumi Hayashihara
Venue: Chelsea Ballroom, Level 7, The Okura Prestige Tower
Capacity: 20 people each time
Price: ,000/person (Okuraji Ancient Museum ticket, including afternoon tea, including consumption tax and service charge)
Reservation: June 12 (Monday) from 10:00 on the official website
*The first and second lessons are the same.
*Customers who purchase tickets can stay at a special price.

(Figure 4)
Status of last lecture

Masumi Hayashibara (Tea Consultant / Masumi English Tea New York Representative)

(Figure 5)

He started his career as a tea specialist in London. As the first JING TEA brand ambassador in Japan, he participated in many tea art trainings and seminars centered on five-star hotels in Europe and Tokyo. After running a tea school in New York, he is currently living in Tokyo as a tea consultant. During his time as a lecturer at Harney & Sons and Minami Aoyama Vulcanize Academy, he also lectured at afternoon tea seminars for British brands such as McLaren and Burberry. As well as writing a series of tea columns overseas, drawing on her 10 years of experience in the UK, she has appeared in numerous media outlets including Nikkei Business.

“I fell in love with Indian dyeing and weaving – the fabric that is popular all over the world” from the collection of Mitsukyo Hatakenaka, a special exhibition at Okura Jigong Museum

(Figure 6)

India has long been a cotton powerhouse. Cotton is a plant fiber and it is difficult to dye beautiful colors. Before the 17th century, no other country except India had the technology to make bright red and yellow cloth, and it would not fade even after washing. Bottom. This exhibition focuses on the spread of Indian textiles that were exported to the world through trade and underwent changes. Starting in Europe, they were brought to Indonesia, Thailand, Persia, Japan, etc., and changed in each place. cloth.
Exhibition Period: Tuesday, August 8, 2023 to Sunday, October 22, 2023 *Closed on Mondays
Opening hours: 10:00-17:00 (admission until 16:30)
Entrance Fee: General 300/University and high school students 000/Junior high school students and below are free

■ About Tokyo Okura Salon
On May 8, 2023 (Monday), when the new coronavirus infectious disease is shifted to type 5, we will start creating opportunities to enjoy “real” proposed by Okura Tokyo. Okura Tokyo presents exhibitions at the adjacent Okura Museum of Art, concerts at the Suntory Hall, and co-hosts and independently hosts events with various media within the hotel. Okura Tokyo, which provides space and services, will increase and utilize its respective expertise to provide more diverse events than ever before.

■ About Tokyo Okura
Opening in September 2019 as a luxury brand, it will be the group’s flagship hotel. It consists of two buildings of the top brands “Okura Heritage” and “Okura Prestige”, which combine modern needs with the vitality and high functionality of the city. There are 508 rooms, 5 restaurants, 2 bars, 9 banquet halls, 1 tea room, 1 Go salon, Okura Fitness & Spa.
It received the highest rating of “5 Stars” in the hotel category of Forbes Travel Guide 2023, one of the world’s leading travel guides, and is certified as a 5-star luxury hotel. In the “Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards 2022,” which publishes global hotel rankings, it was voted No. 2 in the category of Japan’s top hotels and No. 1 in Tokyo for the second consecutive year.

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Okura Tokyo Public Relations: Konno / Honjo / Yabe
Tel: (03)3224-6731 Fax: (03)3224-6727

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